About me

I have such a busy life!
I am a wife to a busy executive husband. He’s lovely!
I’m a mother of three, who are growing up. My baby hit high school this year, and my eldest has just left home to study.
I’m a Christian. I’m quite involved in our church as we try to know Christ and make him known.
I’m a pianist, teaching and accompanying.
I’m a teacher of Japanese.
I’m a self sufficiency nut, trying to grow and preserve our own food.
I love to cook. 
I’m a mad keen card maker.
I’m a dabbler in scrapbooking, quilting, cross stitch, sewing, mosiac, and any other craft I can get my hands on.
I love to write, so I blog.
Read about my self sufficiency and homesteading efforts at https://donnadigs.wordpress.com/
Read about my kitchen exploits and crazy challenges at https://donnaisplayinghouse.wordpress.com/
Or, look around this site and see what I get up to in my happy place.
As I mentioned, I have such a busy life!