Graphic stamps

Cards for boys! That’s what I see when I look at this stamp. Having said that, two of the cards I made today are definitely quite girly.
Firstly, here’s  a card I made before classes started. It took me ages to decide which way up this print should go. If you look at it up side down, you get a completely different view. Try it!
I made two cards using Laura Bassen’s idea. On the first one, I used the rough side of a linen paper to give me the broken lines. I pressed lightly, and left the stamp on for a few seconds for the ink to soak in. I  would have liked the blue on the right to be more even, but I’m too chicken to go back over it, in case I muck it up!
For the next card, I ran a double line of coordinating washi tape along the top and bottom of the card. This one was stamped onto art spectrum watercolour paper.

Finally, a rather crowded version of Debby Hughes’ card. The sentiment is a little Heidi swap one that I picked up cheaply, and then, for the cards above and below, bent almost beyond its ability to cling to the stamp block!
Today’s cards were all very quick to make, which was perfect, as I’ve been wrangling 14 year olds all day, and don’t have a lot of my zing left. So after a good sleep, and some more inspiring ideas, who knows what I’ll be able to do tomorrow?

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