I’ve now got me a little collection of copics!

I have earned my copic markers with blood sweat and tears. I have shovelled three truckloads of dirt and several trailer loads of rocks and mulch at the measly rate of two copics per hour for up to nine hours a day of late. I’m almost too tired to play with them at night!

When the digger got bogged, and husband got the flu, the job of shovelling fell to me. Having a reward of guilt free craft purchases was enough to keep me going, and I’ve built up a collection now, which I really feel I’ve earned! Actually, Mr Gorgeous would have let me buy whatever I wanted, but as I’m a stay at home mum (mostly) I don’t feel that I should spent big, so it was the guilt free part of the arrangement that I really loved.
I have three of these little containers with copics in them. Two came from office works, and one from Ikea, all stacked with little collections of markers. 
Here’s what I did to label them:
I cut out the numbers from the class download sheet with the smallest circle in my die set, and stuck the numbers on with glossy accents, then added another generous coat of glossy accents on top. The labels feel very sturdy. 
And yay me for all that digging! (If I do say so myself)

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