Muse -Photo Inspiration

Isn’t this a fabulous photo?

It’s by photographer Vanessa McKeown, and  I just loved the clean lines and colours. I was particularly taken with the beautiful icy pink, but didn’t have any cardstock in the right colour. So I swiped some card with my Milled Lavender distress ink mini cube. The card was streaky at the beginning, but as it dried, it evened out into a beautiful clean finish. I decided to represent the 100s and 1000s with a shaker element, and die cut circles to mimic the avocado. As the card was coming together I wasn’t sure that I liked what was emerging, but once I added the sentiment, the card took on a different look, and I was much happier. I think that, despite the pink, this is a card I could give to a man.

If you enjoyed this card and would like to see more, feel free to check out my Instagram account here.

Until next time, happy crafting, 


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