Floral Cards with Friends

Hi Crafty friends.

I recently had the chance to make some cards with some Japanese, New Zealander, US, and other friends here in Japan, and I thought I’d introduce them to the world of Copic colouring.

Because there wouldn’t be three years for everybody to hone their craft, I chose a stamp set that would be very forgiving as well as stunningly beautiful. This is what I came up with.

I stamped and sliced the image for everybody, and then added in a strip of paper, and a set of five co-ordinating Copics and a handful of sequins for each ‘kit’ This one had blues, and greys for the leaves ( I only have so many greens to share around!!)

This group of girls and I make cards together fairly often, but this is my favourite of the cards they’ve made. They all came together really well, and their blending went well, and the stamp hid any little imperfections as they learnt!

As we (they) coloured, we chatted, and the cards really did look fabulous at the end. Here’s a picture of some of the works in progress.

Next to card making, I think card-teaching is my favourite thing to do. It’s so exciting to see the look of success on the faces of my friends at the end of a fun afternoon.

Until next time, may your days be full of friendship. If you enjoyed looking at these cards, and would like to see more, you can do so here.



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