Rainbow Birthdays

Hello crafty friends. I hope you are keeping safe and well. I have a set of cards today that are perfect for someone with a little extra time on their hands!

I used the stitched Happy Birthday dies from Paper Rose Studio to create these cards, but you could use whatever alphabet dies you have at hand – it would just take a little more aligning if you’re using individual dies, but it most certainly could be done. I love the stitching on each letter of this particular set.

I began by choosing a rainbow selection of paper scraps from my little scrap pile and cutting the letters from each of them. I then selected three different neutral card stocks and cut the happy birthday from each of them. I put some double sided tape behind the holes and started the jigsaw assembly, arranging the letters in rainbow order. I started each card with a different colour so that I’d have enough to complete each card. I made 6 in all, two of each of the cards you see here, and have enough letters over for 7 more, should the jigsaw urge take me again.

https://shrsl.com/1p9l2The thin rainbow strip was made with Copics on a strip of scrap white cardstock. I coloured the card diagonally on a larger piece and then cut the strips. I know I’ll use the leftover for other cards.

The bonus of this particular die is that the ‘holes’ from all the letters are perfect circles, so I used those as confetti on the top of each card. The ultimate in saving scraps!

I still have a bunch of letters left on my desk, both coloured and neutral, and I look forward to using those in the near future!

Until next time, may your days be full of rainbows!



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