Winter wishes

I’ve just come back from Australia where my lovely daughter was married. What a celebration! She’s made a lovely choice of husband, and he’s made a great choice of wife!

The day after we left Australia the weather hit 42 degrees Celsius and I was glad to leave that behind, but the temperatures here in Japan are at the other extreme!

I decided that I’d like to make a winter card, using the Pink and Main Pattern Maker stamp set. I cruised the internet, and this was the image I couldn’t go past. I love the soft subtle colours of this rug, and it looks so warm!

I decided to replicate this, and add some cosy sweet images to the cards. Here’s what I came up with.

You can find the full details of these cards on the Pink and Main blog. I hope you enjoy them, no matter what the weather where you are.

Until next time,



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