Yay for the support crew! (Life is Bowtiful)

We’re back in Japan after a wonderful time in Australia. I came back with visions of all the things I was going to do with my post holiday energy, only to be hit with THE FLU!

So my first week back was spent in bed, nursing sore muscles, coughs, and sniffles, and, well, sleeping all day! I’m so grateful for my little family who, even in a foreign country where only I speak the language, did the shopping, organised meals, got themselves off to school and work, and generally kept things going.

So, in order to thank my lovely hubby who led the charge, I’ve made a card. (Well a couple actually, I’m not at my most decisive when I’m unwell!)

The full details of these cards are on the Pink and Main Blog, but I just wanted to publicly thank my man for all he’s been doing this week. Definitely a keeper, even after all these years!


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