Look on the Bright Side – Stretch your Stamps

Hello crafty friends. I’m up on the Pink and Main blog today sharing a couple of cards for the science lover in your life. BUT… they actually use a Halloween stamp set as their basis.

But first – Florence Flasks! Did you know that’s what this shape of flask is called? I didn’t, until I looked it up today. I love learning new words, so I’m on a mission to try and use it in real life now. I may have to buy one so that I can casually mention it in passing!!!

I’ve used the Your Spell stamp set, and matching dies, as well as these sentiments.

This was very simple to make because the design on the Florence flasks is so detailed that no Copic blending was required. I just chose three shades of each colour, and got to work (and by work, obviously I mean play) This is a great card for beginners to Copics.

I used Distress Ink to blend backgrounds for the flasks, extending them upwards on the first card, so that it would look like possibly toxic smoke rising.

For full details, you can visit the Pink and Main Blog here.

Thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to see more of my cards, feel free to visit my Instagram account, where I share all the cards I make, even the once that I don’t get a chance to blog.

Until next time,

May your days be colourful, and may you happen across at least one Florence Flask!



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