My Cardmaking Journey – the beginning

Hello crafty friends. Today marks the start of the 15th Coloring Challenge, hosted by Kathy Racoosin at The Daily Marker. This is the perfect challenge – lots of encouragement, but no judgement or deadlines. I think Kathy’s really onto something special here. You can join in at any time, and please head over to her blog to have a look.

As this is the 15th challenge, it really got me thinking about my own journey as a card maker and the people who have influenced and encouraged me along the way. I’ve taken part in every challenge and grown a lot along the way. I thought I’d take this opportunity to spend the 30 days thanking these people, and making cards inspired by them along the way.

First up – who else but the amazing Jennifer McGuire?

Much of my initial decision to make cards comes from this inspirational craftswoman/artist/engineer/creative thinker. I first got into card making through Online Card classes – a watercolour class in 2014 to be exact, run by Jennifer and Kristina Werner (more about her later) I was about 5 minutes into the first class and I was hooked!

There’s a saying “Give someone a fish and they’ll eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime” That’s what I think Jennifer does. Her you tube channel is full of techniques, not just cards, so that you’re always left thinking of where you could take it to next. Her instructions are always clear, and well thought through, and I love listening to them.

So what would you put on a Jennifer inspired card? I’d love to hear! Here’s what I chose…

1. A trifold card

2. A sentiment with four layers sandwiched together

3. An encouraging word for a friend

4. A (poor attempt at a) matching envelope. Embossing envelopes is tricky!

5. And, of course, some pool blue in the mix of colours.

I’m hoping to work my way through the 30 days, with a different muse each day. I won’t blog every day, but will update with a few cards and a few inspirations at a time. I’ll post on my Instagram page each time I finish a card, so you can see them all here.

I wonder who you would include in your list of people who have encouraged or influenced you? I’ve found it a very interesting exercise to think through, although I can’t possibly get to everybody in 30 days.

Until next time, may you find time to colour!




  1. The card really does look amazing and I totally agree about Jennifer. A wonderful lady that has shared and given if herself so much within the crafting community . I earmark every video to watch and am way behind but they are always there for inspiration. Your cards have always been a colouring inspiration for me so thank you too for sharing your gift.

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